2019 Newest Portable Dental X-Ray with Japan Toshiba Tube

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Oral Therapy Equipments & Accessories
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Henan, China
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Class II
Japanese Toshiba Tube
Touch Screen
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Metal Case

2019 Newest Portable Dental X-Ray with Japan Toshiba Tube

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Technical Data

Tube VoltageTube CurrentTime ExposureHigh pressure generator
65kV2mA 0.1~2.5s40kHz DC

Rated Power: 400VA
Focal Spot To Skin Distance: 110mm
Focus Spot Size: 0.4mm(TOSHIBA)
Charger Input Voltage: AC100V~240V±10%
Input Voltage: 25.2V DC
Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz±1%
Radiation Leakage: <0.025mGy/h
Battery: 24.2V DC
Net Weight: 2.2KG
Dimensions: 21 cm×14.5 cm×14cm (L×W×H)

High frequency, Small focus, Clear image.
Double lead layer to protect users from x-ray.
Chargeable battery, 200 times on a single charge, long lasting use.
Available for adult, children or people who cannot move in dental clinic, rescue use, army and remote areas, etc.
Easy control, multiple use.

1. Clear image
This dental portable x-ray machine applies the best x-ray tube, from Toshiba, the voltage and current of 65Kv, 2mA can produce more power to penetrate through the teeth and get very clear image.

The focus spot size of J-smart is 0.4mm, which will markedly focus more x-ray on the target teeth and make better image on the film or sensor.

2. Safer use
User’s safety is our first concern, J-smart has double lead layers to keep the x-ray inside the circuit, and the x-ray only come out for taking the image, no leaking on other directions.

High frequency DC of 65Kv, 2mA, which ensures clear image and stable output, will be the best helper for doctors.


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